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We’ve been in the midst of a crisis of trust for some time now—From media to government to science—And sadly, it’s been well-deserved. My goal here is share important information about medical science, politics, and industry from the most neutral perspective I can muster.

After 25 top doctors failed to help me, I was stuck with a mystery illness that left me bedbound and on the brink of death for almost 2 years. I was unrecognizable to my former self—Lost 50 lbs, became severely anemic, my body racked with pain, and with fevers to 102F every night. I required home care because I couldn’t even sit up or turn over in bed on my own.

Spoiler alert: I solved my own medical riddle and brought myself back to good health. (Even wrote a book about it!) In a nutshell, I figure stuff out. That’s why you should subscribe.

And if there is a silver lining from having taken this trip to Hell and back, it’s this: I no longer have any patience for narratives, propaganda, and smear campaigns.

So if you, like me, have no desire to be lied to, manipulated, and patronized by individuals and organizations who should be doing just the opposite, join the club. You’ve found a home here.

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Steven Phillips, MD 
Wharton to Wall St, then went to Med School on a dare, Yale-trained physician, researcher, biotech founder, & bestselling author.