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Interview with Dr. Amy Proal

Interview with Dr. Amy Proal

Researching ME/CFS, Long Covid, & other chronic illnesses due to infections

Welcome to my first podcast!

Today I bring you an interview with Dr. Amy Proal, a microbiologist who is studying the mechanisms by which chronic infections can underlie the many chronic conditions that have challenged doctors and markedly impacted the lives of countless patients around the world.

Here’s her bio:

Dr. Proal is a microbiologist who studies the molecular mechanisms by which bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens dysregulate human gene expression, immunity and metabolism. Her work further examines how dysbiosis of the human microbiome and/or the human virome can contribute to chronic inflammatory disease processes. As a member of the research team at Autoimmunity Research Foundation, she has authored papers and written book chapters for organizations like the J.Craig Venter Institute and The Autoimmunity Network, and lectured at the NIH and numerous USA/international conferences. Proal graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 with a degree in biology. In 2012, she obtained a PhD in microbiology from Murdoch University in Australia. Her graduate thesis focused on “Autoimmune disease re-examined in light of metagenomic concepts.”

And here’s her research foundation, Polybio.

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This podcast does not contain medical advice. It’s meant for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor before starting any course of treatment.

Thank you all for taking the time to listen to my first podcast! I’m so appreciative of your interest and very much value your company and I journey down the many rabbit holes in science, medicine, and occasionally politics.

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