Aug 6 • 41M

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Investigative Journalist and Author

From Prison Problems to Lyme to Covid Lies. No Topic is Off Limits.

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If you’ve watched and listened in disbelief, bombarded by lie after lie, spun by journalists unworthy of the name—Then don’t miss this podcast.

Mary Beth Pfeiffer is an uncommon gem—One of the last true journalists out there—Honest, fearless, and completely unswayed by the political narratives that rule most media these days.

Her interview was like a breath of fresh air after being stuck inhaling fetid swamp gas for the past 2+ years.

Author of two highly praised books, Crazy in America: The Hidden Tragedy of Our Criminalized Mentally Ill, and Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change, Mary Beth is an award-winning senior investigative journalist whose career spans more than forty years.

Throughout the pandemic, her journalistic focus has been squarely set on Covid, exposing the many lies that continue to endanger public welfare.

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