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Great podcast. So much distrust now in science, healthcare, government, media etc because of how Covid is/was handled. Those with Lyme got an unfortunate early start in discovering so many fallacies in these systems. In NYC a few highly educated ‘respected’ doctors (who live in the same building as I do) have told me (N95) masks don’t work!…so they don’t wear them in the elevator—as well as some of the treatments discussed here. I share these podcasts regardless but am merely the biased, grateful patient of Dr. Phillips despite his integrity and successful track record. It is alarming that journalists like Mary Beth Pfeiffer get silenced as well as the doctors who’ve done the research. Thanks for giving this a platform.

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Coming out of the media world I am especially mortified at the despicable and feckless job they are doing because as you point out Lyme patients have known Dr. Fauci and this system of cover up, inadequate and false testing/reporting since the mid nineties! Shockingly COVID just seemed like a replay with the media fully culpable for not doing their jobs any better than the medical community. Thank you and Ms Pfeiffer for speaking up and making the effort to not only practice what you know but to work to sing out beyond the choir.

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Sadly this old boys network crosses borders. Canada along with other countries agreed to support the CDC and follow its lead on Lyme disease. Our Associate Chief Public Health Officer has close ties to the IDSA and AMMI Canada. AMMI Canada owe their allegiance and take their direction from the IDSA. The $4 million arising from the 2016 Conference to Develop a Federal Framework on Lyme Disease was given to a single group [CLyDRN] without competition composed mainly of status quo researchers public health agency employees and key AMMI members. They produced a status quo report designed to convince politicians that they were in good hands. The Public Health Agency of Canada [PHAC] failed to produce a new set of made-in Canada guidelines as mandated in the Act and has since decided that it will only promote prevention and no longer try to control disease. PHAC claims that health is a provincial responsibility and the provinces can do as they please. Provinces lack the financial resources required for research. PHAC will be the gatekeepers, controlling the testing and funding for research and actively block any negative messages to the Minister of Health on the subject of Lyme and TBD's. Nothing of consequence has been done for patients suffering from complex disseminated Lyme or Lyme+. Family docs have been abandoned by their infectious disease colleagues.

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Oh my goodness. Wow. So much to say........so much brought to mind right out of the gate and very first part of Mary Beth talking about the prison system and the non help for these poor people. I shall be buying your book Mary Beth..........a light so needs to be shined on this - I have not experienced prison, but I've experienced being with many that were and are marginalized into a system of being over drugged and end up being homeless - with a myriad of undiagnosed illnesses.........the state provides so very little help if any at all.........but physc drugs are at the top of their list. Over medicate and no help. Yes, that story that I need to tell of the many beautiful souls I met then and still now, who are lost in an incredibly broken system............And then on to the rest of the interview. Thank you BOTH SO much. Could not agree more with all of it. Both from personal experience, to then having been so closely touched by Covid with family members and desperate to help on many of the topics.........Dr Phillips, as my Gouda brain continues to unfold, I am continually struck by, if not for you, I honestly don't know if I'd be here today writing this............and the bonus of coming out the other side of the gauntlet........Yeh the mushy part - you.saved.,my,life.............as more and more continues to comes to my awareness, I am stunned by how sick I really was. And how surprised people are to see "me" again. People have said it often these days........ Like you said, was I really that bad as you mentioned in your article on Trauma? Forever grateful, she says with teary heartfelt gratefulness. These podcasts are wonderful and Mary Beth, wonderful praises to you for your bravery and kind heart and caring........your reasons for coming into this world of journalism are refreshing and beautiful. You Are Making A Difference. You both truly inspire me. You are being heard and being shared. And as I said before, I shall be back to skipping stones on rivers and lakes and hope that all of our experiences continue to ripple in places we may never know but with the assurance they are. I heard so deeply both of your hearts in this interview. Thank you. So much.

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Treating Lyme Disease and Co-Infections: A Molecular Biologist's Journey & Getting Better With Ivermectin!


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